"Before Ted, I was unfulfilled in terms of my training post-university. I knew I wanted to take more classes and keep my instrument fresh, but I couldn't find the right fit for me. In class with Ted I have experienced a safe space to take risks and learn more about myself and acting in general. Now after having class with Ted I feel so very prepared for my future and I feel confident that I'll continue to reach the goals I've set for myself. I would (and have) recommended his class to my fellow artists friends and I'd say anyone who is ready to dive in to work, learn, and play, come on over!!"
Imani Williams
"If you are looking to improve on your acting technique with a believable performance rooted in truth and honesty, in a safe space where you can truly be free and let loose with your art and experiment and discover the possibilities inside of you, you come to Ted’s class. Ted found me when I was neglecting my art, waiting tables and found my goofy personality intriguing enough to invite me to his studio where my life has changed ever since! He knocked the bullshit out of my acting and therefore my life! The more I dig deeper to find the truth in my acting, the more I have found that my voice is truly beautiful. I am eternally grateful to Ted."
George Ramirez
"Before taking Ted’s class I was not confident in myself or my skills in acting. I felt so scared to even allow myself to be open and vulnerable. In Ted’s class I finally was able to be messy and raw and I felt free to try and fail without judgement. If anything, the trying was what was congratulated way more than some imagined result. Since being in class with Ted for two years now, I trust myself way more as an actor and to be honest, I feel more like myself than I have in a very long time. Ted has changed not only my acting for the better, but has changed my life for the better too! This is such a special class and community taught by a very special man. "
Sakile Camara
"Ted’s class was the first acting class I ever took. Going in on my first day I was shy and a little frightened, but upon meeting Ted I was instantly warmed by his presence. He made me feel safe enough to go onstage and do things that felt weird and scary, but I knew I would be alright because of the community that he had curated within the classroom. And I didn’t know it at the time, but it would be a community that I would rely on for years to come. Ted showed me how to be anchored in strength and specificity so that I could be free to be vulnerable to my scene partners and myself. I now carry that core security with me to auditions, jobs, and in everyday life, and I will always be grateful to Ted for that."
Kate de Kock
"I had virtually no acting experience before starting classes with Ted. With Ted that made no difference. He recognizes the drive and spirit of an artist in all his students regardless of experience level and draws it out of them in an encouraging and individualized manner. He has fostered an environment where I feel not only welcome but excited to be vulnerable in my self-expression. After several years and counting with Ted, I continue to feel immense growth and confidence not only as an artist but as a human."
Trevor Markanovic
"Ted Wold is truly a human force of nature. I started alongside Ted as a fellow actor and have since seen him grow from an incredible actor into extraordinary coach, director, cheerleader, technician, and brilliant mind. As a coach, he is able to accommodate a wide variety of students’ desires and needs. His individualistic and tailored approach for each student proves that he leads with empathy and intelligence. He straddles the line beautifully of challenging his students but always creating a safe space in which to experiment and play. I credit Ted with giving me the skills, drive and heart to not only be a better actor but also human. I am so honored to count Ted among my friends. Simply put, in whatever capacity Ted Wold is a part of your life, he will make it better.
Chelsea Stavis
"Ted Wold helped me to step into my own as an actor. Before taking Ted’s class, I felt completely lost in my acting training. I even felt like a fraud calling myself an actor. His genuine enthusiasm for the Meisner technique instantly re-ignited my passion for acting, and the way he champions each of his student’s uniqueness never ceases to amaze me. Ted has helped me reclaim my identity as an actor, and has given me the confidence to trust and believe that I already have everything I need within me to create."
Jonathan Heller
"When I first stepped into Ted’s studio, my heart didn’t know what it was getting itself into. Years later, I am more open emotionally than I’ve ever been and remain amazed by Ted’s ability to meet each student where they are, push actors in a nurturing way, and ensure that, in his space, “acting is FUN, dammit!” In a business that’s already as difficult as the arts is, Ted cultivates a space of safety, warmth, and community. I have found so many soulmates through Ted’s class because of the type of good people he consistently magnetizes and encourages to grow. "
Jillian Paige
"My memories of Ted Wold aren't just limited to his kindness, laughter, and endless championing of his artists. He's also helped me break countles barriers in my acting, with a nurturing approach that has also inspired me as a fellow teacher. Since having the privilege of working with him, I am a better actor, and human. "
Chris Russell
"Before Ted I was wondering my next move was going to be. As far as my career went I always instilled in myself I can always learn and learn more. My friend Will Windle recommended Ted to take classes with. Mentioned it was a Meisner class and I was interested. When I got to class with Ted I immediately wanted to join after my sit in class. As soon as I got in class with Ted, I could see my walls come down and really let the work do me. I soon started to grow and immediately felt like I was really living in the work I experienced. I saw the difference in one class to now being with Ted for months now. It really brought clarity to my work outside of Ted’s class. I would recommend anyone to take this class, because I want people to not be turned off by Meisner. Also get to take their craft to the next level. Ted truly cares about his students and work."
Carol Hardern
"Before Ted, I hadn’t taken a consistent acting class since college. I focused on pay-to-play workshops and networking events to hone my auditioning skills, and lost a lot of my love for the craft of acting. Ted has helped me fall in love again with the art of human connection through text. He has taken me from someone just pursuing a career as an actor, to an artist who relies on his classes to help feed my artistic soul. He is accepting, thoughtful, and attentive to his students. I am so grateful for his teaching and friendship!"
Isabella Stansbury
"Ted Wold is the kind of acting teacher that one dreams of having. After performing professionally for many years, I found myself wanting to get back to my craft. One can start to feel lost in the big city and on my first day in Ted's acting class I felt as if I had found a home. His astute attention to each individual creates an atmosphere of trust and excellence. Every actor in the class wants to excel, because they know Ted wants them to excel even more. He cares about the artist and the work. He creates such a loving and safe environment that encourages all of the actors to release their fears. Have you ever been in an acting class where the classmates truly love and support each other? Ted manages to facilitate this with ease. "
Mary Lauren
"Ted has transformed my acting. 100% in your corner, his ability to boil a vast breadth of knowledge down to clear thoughts and digestible, bite-sized information is ASTOUNDING. He is a true teacher — with an intense love of acting, his students, and a devotion to authentic storytelling that can (and will) improve you."
Kelsey Mourant
"Ted was the first teacher that ever saw me for who I am and made me feel like I was enough the first day I walked through the door. There's no ego. No competition. He creates such a safe environment, it was the first time I actually felt like I had the power to play, try new things and make choices that allowed me to grow. Ted is as much a student as he is a teacher, leading by example with curiosity, joy and a sense of adventure. Taking class with Ted left me with a stronger sense of who I am not only as an artist but also as a human being. Nobody in the world has a heart as big as Ted's and I and everyone that knows him, am all the better for it."
Claire D'Angelo
"Before taking class with Ted, I lacked the confidence to walk into a room and call myself an artist. Through countless classes, assignments, activities, and practice, Ted pushed me to explore who I was both as an artist and a person. He gave me all the tools that I needed to walk into any audition and feel confident that I belonged there. More importantly, Ted made acting fun and helped me rediscover my love for the craft. "
Steven Martinez
"Ted Wold was my first official acting teacher. I’m so fortunate to still be his student today. As someone who comes from a heavy Classical Dance Performance world, acting was terrifying. Meisner Technique felt right to dive into. I had no idea how it would impact my art form but it made me a better human, artist, and a stronger advocate for healing justice in this world. Ted never failed to kindly meet me where I was at all times. The class environment he creates is supportive, inclusive, and community-based. Ted is here in the now while gently reminding us that our narrative is important, but there is a time and place to throw it all away and be with your greatest tool: the infinite source of abundance embedded inside of us, the intuition. Proud to say I take acting seriously to the point where I actually want to become a great Filipinx Actor. Thank you, Ted!"
Melani De Guzman
"More often than not, taking an acting class is a vulnerable and highly intimidating experience, but Ted has a unique ability to create an exceedingly nurturing and welcoming environment for his students. Although his first priority is to make his students feel safe in the acting process, he doesn't steer away from pushing them to their limit and always strives to help them reach their maximum potential. While his compassion and keen ability to see the best in people are infectious, making for an intimate, supportive class atmosphere, he also has a deep understanding of the acting craft. His acting philosophy and teaching methods underscore the values of subtlety and nuance, which brings about in his students more natural, truthful acting. Striking the perfect balance between providing technical expertise, generous and valuable feedback, and a wonderful support system, his class has been a transformative experience for me, both artistically and emotionally. All in all, Ted is a one-of-a-kind human being and an exceptional teacher, and anyone who is looking to hone their craft or dive into the world of acting should jump at the opportunity to take his classes. Not only will you find yourself a better actor, but you will very likely find yourself a better human being. "
Jessica Hyun